Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wisteria and Olive Trees

I have always been in love with wisteria.  I love the way it looks and smells.  They bloom with the most elegant flowers and I feel like they are everywhere this time of the year.    One day, I want to have a pergola and have wisteria growing up the side of it.  The other reason I like it is because it takes some time for it to grow and be the beautiful focal point.  It is a piece in your yard that marks how long you have been there.  If I start it soon, I can look back in many years to remember when I planted a little sprig.  Our backyard definitely has some potential for this.  This post at Design Mom  definitely has me swooning.

Olive trees are another part of Sonoma living that I really feel like we should have in our yard.  Not that I want to do anything with the olives.  But olive trees in lovely pots.  Oh, yes, I think we need a few.

I could add lavendar to this list of plants I would like to own.  I am feeling the Spring in the air (finally) and want to get out and plant.

I am lovin' the plant my grandma dropped by for Easter.  Thanks Grandma!  KJ picked one for me...ahh!


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