Saturday, April 23, 2011


About a month ago now, I spent a wonderful afternoon with some old college friends.  While out and about in Sacramento, we stopped into Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates and had the most wonderful hot chocolate.  Oh my, this stuff is like pure liquid yumminess.  It was awesome! And, it was topped with a homemade marshmallow.  Which got me thinking...why shouldn't I try this? I do LOVE marshmallows.

So, I decided I would add it to my list. I needed to make homemade marshmallows.  So, yummy and actually they don't look that difficult.  Of course Martha Stewart has a recipe.

Easter is here and I thought it was the perfect weekend to have marshmallows on the menu.

Well, I tried them, yes, I tried, but I will not show any photos.  They definitely tasted like marshmallows, but they looked like cottage cheese.  Hmm I did something wrong, just not sure what.  So, on my bucket list, still, homemade marshmallows!

Happy Easter everyone!!!  And to my dear friend Jayme who I have known my whole life, Hoppy Birthday!!


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