Saturday, April 9, 2011


One of our favorite wineries is Kunde Family Estate, located in Kenwood.  We have been members there since we got married and I think it would be fun to go on one of their hikes.  We have planned on going a number of times but something always seems to come up.  I think the first one we found out about I was 9 months pregnant with KJ and well let's just say I was not about to go on a real strenuous hike.  I was hoping to go into labor soon, but not stranded on a hiking trail.  So, we took a rain check.  But we still haven't been.



Hiking plus tasting some of our favorite wines in the vineyards at Kunde would be very cool.  This time of year is amazing in the wine country.  The mustard is blooming and it isn't too hot yet.  They also have hikes you can take your dogs on Awesome! 

I just love this place, look how beautiful it is!




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