Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Masters

On my husband’s bucket list, Augusta Georgia.   I suppose the boys and I would be invited to go too, but Conn really wants to go.    Why is Augusta so exciting you ask?  Conn wants to see, up close and personal, the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia.  Tickets must be purchased way in advance and I am sure it is a crowded event, but what a fun way to spend a few Spring days.  I love the smell of freshly cut grass, the hush of the crowd and I have never been to Georgia.  In fact, there are a few other places I would like to visit in Georgia as well, but I will leave that to another day.  My grandfather LOVES golf as well and this time of year our whole family is all about the game.  One day we will be sure to plan ahead and make it to Augusta.  We even have some golf knickers we could sport while we are there.  Till then, we will have to play a little closer to home.

 147.JPG  141.JPG

For me, Spring is daffodils, Easter candy and golf on TV.  And if you happen to be watching this year, go  Phil!

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