Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Planning

I get bored easily.  I also overwhelm myself quite often.  Not sure why I always feel the need to have more than just a couple irons in the fire, but my mom says I have always been that way.  Since I was a kid I always needed some project or friend to entertain me.  As I got into high school I remember being on summer break for about a week when the words "I'm Bored" would come out of my mouth.  I guess this blog is just a way to embrace this quirk of mine.  Keeping a list of things I would like to do always ensures that I will not be bored.  Having two little boys also helps.

I love planning too.  Planning just about anything really.  I love my calendar!  I love to mark it up with fun events and who is where and filling it with trips to see friends and dinners and trips and date nights and all sorts of fun things.

So, with busy-ness and planning in mind, I will share with you a few little projects I am working on:

  • We need to have a garage sale.  Not sure when, but this summer we must!

  • I am walking in the Avon Walk for Break Cancer in San Francisco in July.  Would love some encouraging words or a little moola thrown my way.  I am really looking forward to this huge challenge!

  • Our trip to Germany is quickly approaching.  We are going to spend most of our time in Fulda, with a little time in Eltville.  The Gusthotel Baron Knyphausen  looks very cute!  But I am looking forward to many days like these.


  • I want to make some Easter pants for the boys...must do this soon!

  • KJ's 3rd Birthday is right around the corner as well.  I will need to start planning soon.  Not sure what my theme will be but I love Ohdeedoh and their many ideas. Fire trucks, dinosaurs, who knows...

Ok there is a small glimpse.  Happy planning to you!

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