Monday, March 7, 2011

Waiting for Spring

Well, the weather did not hold out for us and I had to work Saturday morning (the only time the sun was shining) but the boys got a good hike in.


Apparently KJ hiked all the way!!  Good job buddy!


Anyway, I missed the sunshine and we didn't get to see the goats, but I decided I was not going to give up on finding some farms...if only online.  So, here is what I found.

Through this guide, there is a specific event called "Weekend Along the Farm Trails" and I would love to go.  The dates aren't posted yet, but I signed up for the monthly online newsletter so I won't miss it.  Yeah!  Sonoma County Farm Trails - Year-Round Guide to Sonoma County Farms

Till then, I am on my own to find some cool farms.  Here are a few I ran across while being rained in:

Peterson's Farm

Dry Creek Peach and Produce
Spring Hill Jersey Cheese Co.

Full House Farm

They all look family friendly and fun, so we will have to remember each of them!  Okay Spring, we are waiting for  your return...


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  1. Check out this farm in Petaluma. They work with Greenwood School in Mill Valley, which is how I found out about them.