Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeling Crafty

I am in a crafty mood.  I think I am always in a crafty mood.  I don't have much time for crafts (I wish I had more) but I secretly wish I could turn a room of our house into my own craft room.  Conn doesn't know that.  Well maybe he knows now.   Anyway, I would love to have my sewing machine up all the time to whip up cute little creations here and there.

And I must admit that most of my blog scoping are craft blogs, hence the "Fort" post prior to this one.  I come from a pretty crafty background.  As a kid, my mom would sew my dresses and my grandma would knit me sweaters and now we are always finding new ways to make old furniture look, well, different.

I have two boys, so I can't sew dresses for them, but I came across this Sewing for Boys book when browsing the MADE blog.

She is celebrating boys this month and I just love all the ideas.  So, add it to my bucket list, all of these awesome ideas from lots of different bloggers around the world.  I wish I had more time to try them all.  Till then, I will pick one at a time and try to get a few made.

My goal is to make the boys pants for Easter.  I have a great old sheet I would love to cut into.

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