Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Not quite an event, but every kid likes forts.  I built them with my brother when I was a kid and I still love the idea of forts.  So, when I saw this on Saltwater Kids it made me want to make this Fort Kit for KJ.  I LOVE it!  It is definitely on the bucket list.  He is small still, but I know he, EJ and Conn would love it as he gets older.  Boys love forts, big boys and little boys!!



 For now, he uses the kitchen table.


  1. We all love forts... they are so much fun and add to teh boyish things in us... always adds laughter and a ancomplishment
    Love PaPa

  2. I love the picture of Kellen in his fort. I remember when I used to do that. It is one of my favorite memories. I would listen to the record player. The song, "When the Red Red Robin comes Bob,Bob,Bobbin Along. I'm glad Kellen likes to do it too! Love You!! You are not SELFISH, just proud.