Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

I know I have mentioned I am ready for Spring, but I am really ready for the rain to stop.  We have glimpses of sun, which just gets my hopes up.  Then, my bubble is burst and the rain starts again.  Ugh.

What I am really ready for is to start planting some veggies in our garden.  When we moved into this house, there were raised beds already in the backyard.  AWESOME!!  All the benefit and not the work of building the raised beds.


Last year we had so many zucchini, some squash, tomatoes and basil.


We are going to branch out a little this Spring.  I did get some spinach in the ground last weekend, but hope to try some more new things too.  Let me know if you have had luck with something specific.  I am thinking I might try some bean poles.  Not sure yet.  Let me know what you will be growing!

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  1. My favorite from our garden last year was the japanese eggplant. They were so yummy and fresh. We just had one little plant, and it never got more than 2 feet tall, but it produced a lot of fruit. I asked Mike for 3 plants this year, please! We also had a few strawberry plants that were very tasty. Not enough to produce much, but they make a very nice little snack while you're out tending to the rest of the garden. I can't wait to get planting! Spinach is a great idea.