Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paris, France…You Have to Wait

Many of the blogs I have been reading lately are about France. Design Mom and Oh Happy Day are living the dream, literally living in France!  Very cool!  I have been to Paris and driven through a bit of the countryside, but Conn has never been to France.  I am craving the open air markets, the food, the beautiful scenery and the carefree feeling I have when I am on vacation.  I have to say, this weekend was very far from France.  We were at home trying to recover from all the sicknesses we have had, the amoxicillin was flowing.  So, with France on my mind, fresh cheese and a baguette for a snack, I was very happy when KJ suggested we watch Disney’s Ratatouille.  This might be my favorite most recent Disney movie.  Ahh, Paris, you will have to wait. 

Till then…  


photo thanks to www.moviemobster.com

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