Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Where do you get your inspiration?

About two and a half years ago, after having my son and heading back to work, I was looking for inspiration.  I have a wonderful husband, a great family and friends that I adore, but I somehow felt that I was lacking inspiration.  I suppose it could have been just me coming back to work from maternity leave, realizing that there was more to life than sitting in an office, which  by the way had no windows at the time.

I found my love of the blogging world.  I still love the blogging world.  I am so inspired by the crafts, sewing projects, stories of other moms and so much more.  And today I read this from Design Mom and it all came together for me.

I have found a friend in my computer that can link me up to some of my favorite blogs.  I don’t know any of these wonderful women personally, but I love them just the same.  You can see a list of them here.  My blog is still under construction with lots I have to learn, but I like the outlet I have here.

Thank you for reading and tell me…

where do you find your inspiration?


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  1. I really liked what Gabby's Mom said too! Blogging has been an inspiration for me as well. I love connecting with people outside of my little world, even if they have no idea how they've helped me in some way!