Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Summer

I think the weather has finally decided to catch up with the calendar.
Hello summer, nice for you to show up.

Now we can talk water!

This place looks cool.  My dad lives in Fairfield and I passed by one day this winter and it caught my eye.  I loved water parks as a kid, but haven't been to one in a very long time.  In fact the last time was at a water park it was Schlitterbahn with my brother when I was in grad school.  So much fun!  Except the flash flood in the middle of the day... I digress...

And now that summer has decided to join us we can go to Mortons Warm Springs which is very close to our house.  I am excited to visit this long time destination spot.    KJ has his noodle and is ready for the water!



And as a side note, nothing beats running through the sprinklers in the backyard.


Happy Summer Everyone!!

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