Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Grand Canyon

On the travel note, it is funny that sometimes you have to leave home to realize how wonderful it is.  I always think about that when we fly home to San Francisco.  We live in an awesome place. 

The family we spend most of our time with in Germany loves the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City and the likes.  I have never been to the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake, or any places in that region.  Conn says the Grand Canyon is AMAZING and he has about 200 photos to prove his fascination.  I admit that I have made fun of these many photos because to me they all look pretty much the same. 

So, we must get to the Grand Canyon.  It must be amazing!  I would like to add Salt Lake City to the list as well.

Are you ready?


Are you sure?


I think yes!


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