Friday, March 23, 2012

Plans for Summer

I am a planner.  I am! I like to think my Grandma had a little to do with that. She would always plan our summer vacations 6 months in advance.

Anyway, it‘s March already and I haven’t even planned a single family vacation for this year.  Summer is going to be here before you know it and seriously, we need to do something.

We will go camping, that is an easy weekend jaunt.  I do have a project in mind for our campsite.  More to come on that. 

Conn mentioned he would like to (one day) get to Hawaii.  Let me clarify that he did not specify when.  Of course that planted a seed in my little brain, though.  And, some friends of ours are currently there and posting comments on Facebook.  Ooh.  Aloha!  Yes please.  The boys playing on the beach sounds great.  Sunsets and mai tais.  Add it to the bucket list.    

One day, a little Aloha would be fantastic or maika'i nui loa (that’s very, very good in Hawaiian).

I think this little guy could totally hang loose there.

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