Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sleep as I know it, is gone.  Well this is not really a revelation, it has been gone for some time now.  Almost 4 years really. 
KJ, has not been the best sleeper, never has been.  He takes after his mama.  EJ is great, sleeps through the night with no problem.  Here’s the situation:  KJ has been sleeping much better.  But just in time to actually let my head lie on that pillow all night and now we are working through not peeing in bed.  So, we are up again, a couple times a night.
At about 2:30am the other morning, I was in bed thinking about this sleep thing.  Today I am up because of potty training.  Tomorrow I will be up because they are making too much noise with their friends and then I will be up because it is 2:30am and they aren’t home yet.
Sleep as I once knew it, is gone.
Never to return.
I think I will always be up at 2:30am.  Worrying.  About something.
Again, not a revelation, just a mom, thinking.

Boy are they cute when they do sleep though!

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