Monday, February 21, 2011

Parkside Cafe

Typical three day weekends we like to hit the road, but we stuck around this weekend for a certain little boy's birthday party.


So, we decided to hit up a restaurant that I have been eyeing, Dierk's Parkside Cafe in Santa Rosa.  It's a pretty small place that definitely draws the crowds.  Every time we pass by it on our way to run errands, we see people spilling out of the front doors.  So, we were up early, like anyone with small kids, and got there before the crowds.

  dscf0390.JPG  dscf0389.JPG

Very yummy!!  The boys had pancakes and Grandma Dierk's pull-aparts.  I had the french toast, which was good, but I should have had what Conn had, the country benedict.  It was tasty!  As for the photo, I need to work with my models, wouldn't you say. Ha!


We will definitely be back.  And in the summer, we hope to visit the water park across the street.  The water comes up from the ground and I know KJ would have a ball.


Till then, we will enjoy the very cold weather we are having.  Snow in the Sonoma Valley this weekend.



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  1. Gorgeous photo of the vineyards, Mo! Beeee-autiful!