Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some Quiet Time

Life with two little guys is not always relaxing and quiet.  In fact the only time our house is quiet is when they are sleeping, but this past weekend we had such a great time at our favorite camp spot in Calaveras County.  We have a campsite there that we hope to make a family adventure for many years to come.  Usually, the weekends we are there are filled with swimming, dancing, running and playing and lots of activity, loud activity.  This weekend was the same, but there was some relaxation and quiet time too.  Amazing!!

Sunday we drove up to Lake Alpine and what a wonderful time it was.  It was cold, so no swimming, but the boys threw rocks in the water and watched the dog swim and it really seemed so peaceful.  Just a few other people were around, one lonely kayak on the water and a beautiful mix of clouds and sunshine.  Gone were the crowds and cars rumbling by.
At that point in time, the world seemed to stop for just a minute.  I forgot my camera, but it was an amazing mental picture that I hope never to forget.  The boys, their daddy and their dog all enjoying a quiet afternoon by the lake.
My cup runneth over !

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