Monday, November 28, 2011

Jedi In Training

While doing a little research and planning our trip to Disneyland, I found this fun activity, Jedi Training Academy.  KJ would love this.  Let me introduce to you the "hi-ya."
It is a favorite activity in our house, playing hi-ya.  Pretty much every evening I hear "wanna play hi-ya?"  The answer is always yes, with little reminders to just hit sticks (or golf clubs).   He is a jedi in training and he doesn't even know it.
Let me also introduce the "star hi-ya."  Please do not confuse this with a fairy princess wand, it is indeed the star hi-ya.  The most coveted of them all.


  1. Did the boys get the chance to do the Jedi Training at Disney? I've heard it is really neat!! love you!

  2. Nope, we caught the very end of it. :-(