Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Fall

I like change, I do.  I like the refreshing breeze of mixing things up and making something new.  So, I may be weird, but there you go, in my world, change is good. And, tis the season for it.  The leaves are changing color all around Sonoma.
I suppose having kids helps a lot with my love of change, things don't stay the same for too long with them.   A double-edge sword, really.  My mom used to say she wanted to put bricks on our heads to keep us from growing up.  I think I feel the same with my boys some days.  Other days I wonder when we will outgrow this lovely trait (screaming, biting, whatever the case may be).  I digress...
As we settle into the end of summer and look forward to fall, I am looking for a change.  I thought it would come in one form, but that has not come to fruition, so I will have to look for it elsewhere.  Part of me wants to do a complete overhaul of my house clean, purge, clean purge, but that is not realistic right now (maybe a Spring cleaning).  A small change will be just fine.  So, before the weather changes too much, I will be on the lookout for a project to fill the void.
 Tune in for photos.  Till then, enjoy the Fall.  It is here and it is my fave!

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