Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother’s Day

Sometimes I wonder what I am good at.  This is not a “pity party for one” I am just making a general statement.  Some people are good at a particular sport.  My hubby is an awesome coach!  He rocks it!  Other people were born to be artists, musicians, mathematicians, engineers, you name it. 

But I don’t really feel like I have a knack for anything.  I mean, I try lots of stuff and have had great fun, but can’t pinpoint one thing in particular. 

Well Mother’s Day is here and I have to say I love being a mom to my boys.  Being a mom comes pretty naturally for me.  I LOVE it! 

I continue to work on balancing life and being stern when I need to be.  And I definitely need to work on my “no” face.  You know what I mean.  When I was a kid all my mom had to do was look at my brother and I a certain way and we knew she meant business.  I am working on that face. 

But really, I may not be a great chef, like my brother or coach, like my husband or knitter, like my grandma or seamstress, like my mom, but I think I am a pretty good mom. 

And it is what I love to do the most!!  Thanks to KJ and EJ for this.  You boys make me smile!

 Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!

 The most challenging and fulfilling job in the world!






  1. You are a GREAT MOM. Your boys are lucky they are with you and Conn!! Being Mom has always been my favorite thing to be. as well. You and Derek made it sooo easy. I LOVE YOU! Can't wait for you get home!